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Welcome to Camping Tips! We hope that you will find much useful information as you explore our site. Camping is a great way to see America.

We are sharing with you 50 years of camping experience. Find out about

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While we hope that you will gain important knowledge that will make your first, next or continued camping trip your best, the most important tip we can give you is to HAVE FUN!

Be sure to include everyone that will be going on the trip in dreaming about, planning for, and preparing to have the time of their lives. Ever been to the Badlands of South Dakota? How about camping on the beaches of Florida? Your trip is as close as your dreams. Spend quiet winter nights or busy school year weekends planning what to bring, where you will go, what you will eat and how you will prepare it. Include ideas for activities, games and adventures.

We have camped in every climate, in every type of weather, and in every type of camping shelter and have found that the most important item we ever take with us is our ability to HAVE FUN!!! Use this website to help you dream, plan and prepare for your next trip. Stick with us. We're planning our next trips too!

Explore, Learn and Enjoy. GO CAMPING! Jim and dede

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Camping forum to Share Camping Tips and Ideas
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