Campgrounds Where to go, What to look for!

Family camping is only as fun as the quality of the Campground that you choose. It can be rugged to deluxe but there are several qualities that must exist in either extreme. Cleanliness, safety, amenities, location and activities are all important to consider.

We have camped in camping sites as simple as a private hookup in a guys field in Wyoming to as elaborate as multi-tiered sites at a private camping area in Branson. But we considered all of them wonderful because they represented what we were looking for at the time.

* Cleanliness - If it is primitive camping, you will be responsible for helping to keep it clean and earth friendly. You will probably have to take your trash out with you. We would recommend that if you are primitive camping, make sure your supplies create a minimal environmental footprint. When you first get to a area, it is always wise to drive through the entire facility first. Check out the spots, the type of people camping there, if the trash is picked up, lawns mowed, equipment in good repair. You can tell right away if the owners or caretakers really value you as a customer just by walking into the restroom and shower facilities.

*Safety - Is the facility in an area where you feel comfortable and safe? Is it too close to a creek if you have smaller children? Does it seem to have a lot of rowdy or loud campers? Does it have security on site? Are the tables maintained and safe? Is the fire pit safe? All things to consider before settling in for the night.

*Amenities - This is a personal choice of yours and may change with each trip you take. Do you require full bathroom facilities with showers? Do you have to have a pool? Are primitive restrooms acceptable? Do you need electric? Do you need water at your site? Do you need activities to keep your campers busy? All of these and more are available at public and private campgrounds throughout American

*Location - Did you chose this spot because of nearby special attractions? If so, are they easily accessible from the campground you have chosen? Is traffic a problem? Is parking a problem? Is the attraction so close that it could disturb your stay when you are back at camp? Is the attraction too far away that it takes all day to get there and back? Another matter of location to consider is your site location within the grounds. Don't set up near the entrance where everyone comes and goes and don't be so far away from the shower houses that it becomes a major trek just to get there. Once again, by surveying the park before you set up you can avoid any mistakes in site choice.

OK, arm yourself with a great campground directory on a nice winter night and plan your spring or summer trip. After you have considered the perfect campground, check on what you will need to take with you for a successful camping trip. CLICK HERE

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