Camping on the Great-Plains of North America

The Great-Plains of North America are an exquisite panorama of rolling hills, wind swept prairies and endless seas of grass. It is the perfect place to start a camping adventure of a lifetime. The original campers, Native Americans of the Plains tribes, were the horse culture that so many people identify as the "Old West". The states that make up the Great Plains from South to North are Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. The darkest blue on the map above indicates the buffalo prairies. Herds in this area were so vast that estimates of their numbers vary by tens of millions. Remnants of these herds can still be found living on ranches and in National Parks of the region.

The Western Migration to the California Gold Fields and the Oregon territory crossed this vast expanse. You can still walk in the ruts left by the wagon trains. This is an extremely sparsely populated region of the United States today but it is so richly populated with history and culture that it is one of those places you must see and experience.

There are many places to start your journey or, as the old wagon masters and trappers called them, "jumping off points". We can't possible cover them all but will tell you of some trips we have taken throughout the area from different points of origin.

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