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Camping Route 66 is best accomplished with a good set of maps, books or a visit first to our Route 66 Store. The Mother Road has changed over the decades with realignments, interstates and detours. In order to get the most out of your trip, you need to do some research, map out your route, make sure you don't miss any of the sights along the way, and know where you are and not get lost. A visit to our store will arm you with all the books, maps, DVD's and accessories you need to make your trip memorable. Take your time, browse the pages of our Route 66 Store to guarantee a trip you will not soon forget.


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For more than 30 years, Route 66 was America’s main east-west artery, pointing the nation toward all the promise that California represented. To serve these travelers, Route 66 boasted bustling commercial hubs, many of which remain today, many more of which crumbled long ago. All of the sites included here—150 in all—are shown both during their mid-century heydays and as they appear today. Taken together, the marvelous visual and descriptive elements assembled here—period postcards and imagery, specially commissioned maps, and Olsen’s own photography and capsule histories of the sites featured—comprise a unique, state-by-state look back at America’s Main Street. ONLY $19.00

The complete resource for motorcyclists in search of America's most famous highway . . . Route 66, The Mother Road. You'll have everything you need to make a safe, enjoyable trip down Historic Route 66 on two wheels. Three turn-by-turn guides to the old road. See exactly how to do it from Chicago to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to Chicago. A complete listing of motorcycle dealers along the Route. Laws regarding motorcycles in each of the 8 states the Route passes through. And much, much more. ONLY $24.95

Starting in Chicago and running to Santa Monica, this book highlights the sights along the highway with historic and current photos in then-and-now pairings, and includes Route 66 postcards, road signs, trinkets, maps, brochures, and advertisements.

Here we see Route 66 as it was in its heyday and as it is now, the neon glamour of yesterday versus the ghost towns of today. Witzel and his wife, Gyvel Young-Witzel, recount the highways history, its role in popular culture, and its demise, as well as the individual stories of famous sights. Several profiles of those with close ties to the Mother Road, including the woman who played Ruthie Joad in the The Grapes of Wrath film, are included. ONLY $22.02

This amazing 75th Anniversary Route 66 collector's set contains "Route 66: Return to the Road with Martin Milner"; "Route 66: An American Odyssey"; "Drive 66:The Guide to taking a Trip", and "Greetings From Route 66: A Video Postcard". Over 4 and a half hours on two DVDs!

The 75th Anniversary set also contains colorful maps and menus, director's commentary, an interview with Martin Milner, DVD-ROM weblink, interactive menus and additional bonus footage. Everything's here....beautiful music, breathtaking scenery, wacky roadside America, and all of the people that make Route 66 live on today. ONLY $49.95