Tent-Reviews and Great Gift Ideas for the Campers in your Life

As we mentioned earlier, a great tent is one of the most important parts of a successful camping trip. The tents we review in Tent-Reviews are our personal favorites. Giving gifts to those you love is wonderful anytime of the year but as the Holidays approach, it is time to get busy making those great camping gift purchases. The great thing about camping gifts is that they never go out of style and they last a really long time. Very few of them are seasonal and you can enjoy them over and over again. We suggest that you choose quality products and those we suggest here are just that. We only recommend products that we personally use or have first hand knowledge of so you can rest assured that if you saw it on our website, its good. Our eStore is a Great Place to Start

If you are going to use a tent quite frequently you need a high quality, long lasting one. You also need to consider how many seasons of the year you will be camping as well as how often per trip you move campsites. All the shelters we recommend are three or four season. All require minimum time and effort to set up and take down. All are extremely durable and weather resistant. One other requirement we have for our recommendations is how well they stand up to wind. There is nothing worse than being in a tent when it is windy and not be able to sleep because of noise or poor design.

Coleman Sundome line are great starters, weekenders, or spares. They are economical, easy to set up and durable. They are excellent for turning the next sleepover into an adventure camp in your backyard for the kids. We still do that and our child is grown. They are also nice just to throw in your car and do that two night getaway or fishing trip to a lake or stream nearby. They are a good three season shelter and a great way to start if you are new to camping. We always chose a three person even though there are only two of us because the extra room comes in handy for stowing gear.

Kelty Green River 4 is an excellent, high quality, very durable and weather tight sanctuary. Keltys are designed for weekend or extended camping trips. They can be set up and taken down rapidly with ease, are very roomy and well ventilated. They can also be made snug for winter camps with the attachable fly that adds a vestibule (porch) for even more room and comfort. We highly recommend this tent. We use a 4 person for week to month long excursions. Kelty Green River 6 is the same as the 4 except larger. It easily sleeps 4 to 6 and depending on your needs, can be just that little additional space you need. Excellent for family camping. Keltys just look good. You will love the quality.

The last two we recommend are for specialty camping. Lightweight backpacking or limited space car packing make these great options. They are cosy, durable and easy to set up. Just the thing if you like to camp at mountain streams or canoe the Boundary Waters. They are also perfect for compact cars as they take up very little space. Eureka Apex 2XT Adventure and Kelty Grand Mesa 2

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