Camping America's Beaches

If beaches are some of your favorite destinations, why not extend your stay for more than just a day and try camping. Imagine relaxing in your chair, watching the sunset and listening to the surf and sea birds, knowing that you can fall asleep right there with your home away from home just steps away. Most coastal areas have designated campground, either state or federal along with excellent private campgrounds.

These areas cater mostly to the RV crowd but some do have accommodations for avid tenters. These campsites are located far enough away from the ocean to be safe from high tide and storms but close enough for a morning stroll or afternoon in the sun. Many ocean side parks are located in pristine, remote areas. You almost feel as though you have found your own private beach. Whatever your camping style, you will find campsites that fit.

When we think of beach camping, we think of Florida for it is our favorite.