Choosing Great Camping Destinations

Choosing camping destinations is a primary concern for each and every camping trip. If you want to go on a camping vacation, you will be faced with the decision on where to go. Many experienced campers have their favorite spots but if you want to try something new or are a novice camper, you will need to know how to choose a great camping spot. There are different campgrounds available for RV owners and those who are camping in tents. There are also features that you may want to be aware of when traveling with certain age groups. Some areas are more amenable to adults only while others are family friendly. The more populated areas are generally the ones that are best for smaller children and families. There are camping spots available throughout the United States often within a decent driving distance of most major cities. Or you can be like us and choose a destination for a great family vacation. We usually like to travel to one area, maybe camping a few days along the way, and then spend the majority of our time looking around that area and enjoying all there is to see. We also enjoy loop trips which start from home and end at home but see many “hot spots” along the way. We will be telling you about both types of trips on this and linked pages. Above all, be sure that you don’t rush yourselves and take plenty of time at each location to enjoy all they have to offer.

One of our favorite places to camp has always been the Great Plains of North America. more...

THE SOUTH We consider the South to be that portion of the United States that is South of the Mason-Dixon line. In other words, the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. (Civil War to all you Yankees) You will find breath-taking scenery, hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, streams, and beautiful lakes. The climate is mild year around and the hospitality of southern folks is unlike any other place you may have visited. A great place to start is Virginia