Camping Florida-Beaches

Camping Florida-beaches is easy as it has over 150 State and Federal Parks. No matter where you choose to visit, you will find a State or Federal park nearby. Several of these parks may not be right on the beach but on sheltered bays, estuaries, or along the inter coastal waterways. There are remote campgrounds on outer islands and peninsulas. These are typically primitive camping but worth the trip. One thing to always be aware of, Florida is a very popular destination year round. Reservations are almost always a requirement. You may luck into the occasional vacancy but I would not plan an entire trip around that possibility.

South Florida and the Keys are very popular in the winter months as the humidity is low, the temperature subtropical and bugs are not a problem. Central Florida and the Panhandle region are great early spring through summer. Camping Florida in the winter can be an invigorating experience especially in the panhandle or northern Atlantic coast as temperature can drop below 40 degrees at night.

The Official Florida Tourism Marketing Industry has provided a very useful and complete website and guide for Florida Campers. CLICK HERE