Lanterns are an important part of your camping gear. Night at your favorite camping site is always memorable with all those exchange of stories after a day’s adventure and of course, for roasting marshmallows. Hence, when preparing your camping gear and supplies, make sure you’ll bring reliable camping lanterns along. We say reliable because safety should be your foremost concern when considering which among available lighting options should fit your pack.

There are many options around, ranging from candles to gas and battery operated ones. Before you choose one, consider first the benefits and precautions each lighting gadget has. Price may come in as consideration but keep in mind that quality and safety should always be your priority. If you’re tight on budget, have plenty of time to look around stores, both online and offline to compare prices.

Let’s go over candles first. Candles are probably the cheapest and easiest to find with many local stores selling it but it can also pose the most risk as it can be easily blown by the wind and start a fire. Candles also give less light than gas or battery lanterns. Although it’s not highly recommended, but if you still decide to bring candles on your trip, be sure it won’t be somewhere breezy and you’ll keep a protective sheath around it. And as a rule, never light it inside your tents. More so, leave it unattended with children around or fall asleep with it burning on.

Next option is gas. This could be the most expensive among all options for camping because you will have to refill the tank as often as necessary. Additionally, it can be risky too, especially if you’re not careful in refilling the liquid gas. It is a known fact that liquid gas is highly flammable. Propane is available in ready canisters and cylinders so you won’t have to use a funnel to refill the lantern. What makes gas a great choice is that it can give bright and steady light even in an utmost darkness. Also, if you are camping somewhere cold, gas lanterns give extra heat.

If we’d camp out tonight, we’d probably take the battery operated lights as many people would agree that it is the safest bet. It gives off enough light but make sure it is fully charged or you have plenty of extra batteries with you. The downside of this choice is usually recharging since the light can go dull easily especially in colder areas. Many of these lamps can be recharged with your car however.

Whether you choose to bring candles, gas or battery operated, don’t forget to bring extra flashlights for emergencies. All campers should have their own waterproof and shockproof flashlights, especially the kids who may lose their way to the camping site. A free standing flashlight will also be helpful so you won’t have to hold it while doing other things.

Also, keep your light source protected. There are many protective cases available in stores to ensure it’ll work fine when you need it.

Camping is fun and exciting but as other things, if we are not careful, it can cause harm to ourselves and our properties.

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