Camping Recipes for Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking is easy with the right recipes. As we have mentioned before, the best part of camping is great food. With a little bit of pre-planning and a great imagination, your campers will be satisfied happy campers. Preparation is the key to success in camp cooking. We will share a few simple recipes here to get you started. Also, we will include a checklist for stocking your camp kitchen so that all you add is food.

Let's start with some great ideas! Our cookbook is still in the works but these few recipes are some of our favorites.


· Diced Chicken or Steak or Shrimp · Diced Onion · Cherry Tomatoes · Fresh Mushrooms · Diced Potatoes · Diced Green Pepper Directions:Pour a bottle of Wishbone Italian Dressing over all ingredients and let them marinate. (When camping, place in a large freezer bag). Usually marinate 1 hour or so, the longer the better. Put all ingredients on skewers and grill over an open fire. Comments:DELICIOUS!!!


Our Family Favorite Recipes!!! Also called scout burgers, hobo burgers, etc.· Sliced Carrots· Lean Ground Beef· Diced Onion· Salt and Pepper to taste· ButterDirections:Let everyone make their own. Using two layers of aluminum foil about 16” – 24” square Sliced or Diced Potatoes, butter an area about 6” X 6” in the center. Layer potatoes, carrots, onions and ground beef patty on buttered square in foil. Salt and pepper to taste. Fold ends of foil together and roll tightly. Fold remaining edges to create a sealed pouch. Lay on coals of campfire for about 10 minutes seam side up. Turn and cook for another 10 minutes. Check to see if meat is done to your taste and vegetables are tender. Comments:My boys love these with Heinz 57 sauce. I prefer ketchup but you be the judge. Either way, your kiddos will love being able to make up their own just they way they like them. Hint: just make sure you don’t get them mixed up when turning.


· 2 Eggs per person · Sausage · Shredded Cheddar Cheese or Velveeta · Salsa · Flour Tortillas (we use small ones) Directions:Cook sausage till done. Drain grease if possible (sometimes I will put it on a paper plate with a paper towel and this soaks up some grease and doesn't make too much of a mess. Don't try this recipe around bears.) Scramble eggs. Add eggs to cooked sausage and cook till done. Add cheese. Wrap tortillas in foil and add to medium hot pan or place on grill for about 5 minutes. If tortillas are hard, make an aluminum foil pouch by laying one square of foil flat, place tortillas on square with a few drops of water the lay another piece of foil on top, roll the edges. Lay the pouch on the grill out of direct heat. When it puffs up, they are steamed. (Good as Mickey D’s) Lay tortilla flat and add egg mixture to center of tortilla. Add salsa and roll like a soft taco.


· 1 1/2 Cup Instant Nonfat Dry Milk · 3 Tbsp Powdered Non-Dairy Creamer · 1/2 Cup Sugar · 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon · 1/3 Cup Cocoa · Dash Salt Directions:Mix well. Store in airtight container. Comments:To make hot chocolate, add 1/4 cup mix to 1 cup boiling water. Stir well and be sure to let cool a bit before trying to drink.


Ingredients· 1 box Goldfish® crackers (your favorite flavor) · 1 box of Teddy Grahams® (your favorite flavor) · 1 can mixed nuts · 1 big bag M&M® candies · 1 box raisins or Ocean Spray® Craisins® Sweetened Dried Cranberries (your favorite flavor) InstructionsMix all ingredients in a large bowl with a big spoon. When mixed, use spoon to fill snack size baggies with trail mix. It usually makes about 12-15 bags. Keep in a cool dry place. They are easy to grab for that hike or bike ride, or a ride in the car or RV!


Aluminum Foil, Baking Soda, Bleach, Bread and/or Butcher Knife, Camp Stove, Camp Stove Fuel,Can Opener, Can Piercer, Cast Iron Fry Pan/s, Cutting Board, Cutlery, Dish Pans (2), Dish Soap, Dish Rags, Dish Towels, BBQ Grill, Garbage Bags, Herbs & Spices, Kettle, Matches, Nesting Camp Pots, Pail/s, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels, Paring Knife, Peeler, Plastic Food Bags, Plastic Table Cloths, Potholders, Table Cloth Clips, Strainer/Sieve,

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