Your Tent: Home Away From Home

"What kind of tent do you want to build in your camp? Is a 2 person tent enough, or do you need something a lot bigger? These are just some of the things that you consider when camping. It’s important to build a comfortable tent since this will serve as your shelter in camp. Make sure that your camp is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and rain. Building a strong tent is crucial especially if you’ll be camping for a longer period of time.

Your tent is your personal shelter and speaks volumes about how you camp. Is it a dome? A family tent? A pup tent? Ultralight backpacking tent? or a tarp between two trees? This page is for you to share your favorites and give us your rants or raves. We would also like to invite you to share that too funny tent story that happened on one of your first or last adventures. You remember the time Uncle Joe forgot to put down the stakes and the wind started to blow and the whole tent went rolling down the hillside before you could even get your gear inside? Your stories are probably even better.

As with all of our pages, we love pictures so post them here. Show the world your perfect campsite. 100k max please... Happy Camping.

Do You Have A Favorite Tent Or Some Tenting Tips

Share your tent ideas and thoughts with us. Have a favorite tent? Have a great tent tip. A funny tent mishap or story? Share it!