by Lori Brady
(Mill CIty, Or. USA)

AH Porcupines. Loved them at Girl Scout Camp, And sharing them on Route 66 with Mom and Dad. I actually got to cook for them at the age of 9. I think dad was scared we would be bathroom bound all week, but he finally got away from the fire so I had the show.

Since your camping everything is added approximate measures and improvising.

1. What you need is approx. 1/3 to 1/2 pound of hamburger per person.
2. Instant Rice. Enough to keep it together in the hamburger in your hand as you pound them together.
3. I always add BBQ sauce, or ketchup, garlic and jalapenos. Almost like meat loaf but with instant rice added. Roll it in a hefty somewhat egg or sausage link shape,
4. Make a boat-canoe shape out of foil, large enough to carry your burger and some veggies of your choice, small diced potatoes, zucchini, onions - whatever veggies you want then roll it in foil.
5. Then put it in enough foil that you can completely wrap around the boat with twice . Put it on the grill roll or flip it it every 10 to 15 minutes and open it after 30 minutes to see if the rice looks as if it plumped up in the juices of the hamburger and BBQ sauce. If you have BBQ'ed grilled you will have a idea how long it will take for the size you made.

**I always put it in the middle of a salad add a 50/ 50 mix of BBQ and Ranch dressing sauce and serve that way.Veggies on the side of course.
The rice sticks out of the hamburger like porcupine needles. IT IS A OF 2 OUT OF FIVE IN SIMPLE TO MAKE. HEY I WAS 9.

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